A picture of happy employees sitting at a large conference table.

Four Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

It’s just basic common sense that a happy employee will be more invested in their work and thus more productive. Employees who are unsatisfied or unfulfilled in their roles will not be motivated to put their best foot forward.

A 2014 report by Conference Board, a nonprofit research group, showed that 52.3 percent of Americans were unhappy at work. Another report in 2014 showed that employee happiness can boost productivity by 10 percent. The two simple questions for small-business owners, supervisors and managers is:

Are my employees happy? If not, how can I make them happier?

We’ve compiled a list of four ideas and initiatives you can implement at your job to begin making your workers enjoy their time at work more, making them more productive overall.


Work/life balance may be more tenuous than ever before; with many employees having to take work home on weekends, be on-call while at home and constantly respond to e-mails. Allowing your employees to work from home once or twice a week, schedule hours around family events and be in charge of their schedule (within reason) may be more valuable than any raise you could give.

Have an Open Door Policy

Your employees should know they have someone to speak to in order to voice their concerns or opinions. If your management style mirrors that of an overlord giving orders from behind a closed curtain, your employees won’t easily warm up to you or your work atmosphere. You may have a lot of work to do, but your employees are the life blood of your business – make sure you make yourself available to them.

Allow Individuality

Avoid having a strict dress code if at all possible – uniformity in the workplace is an antiquated notion. People want to be themselves, even when they’re at work. Of course there are limits to this, but instituting a casual dress code to allow your employees a little more freedom in what they wear is a no cost solution to making them a little happier. The same goes for workspaces – allowing employees to make their space their own will make them more comfortable at work.

Be Mindful of Work Atmosphere

The layout of your office may be hampering your employees, making them less productive and less happy. People need enough room to work, adequate supplies and a comfortable environment. You may want to consider adding green plants into the office to give your employees a small connection to nature and improve air quality. The way their work area looks will influence your employees’ feelings about their job – make sure you’re office atmosphere is promoting happiness and productivity.

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