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Picture of a female employee going over a project on a white board in front of her coworkers.
Why You Need a Succession Plan in Place

How many of your employees are currently looking for a new job? How many members of your staff will be ready to retire in 5-10 years? What steps are you taking to ensure that your organization can continue to run seamlessly in the event of a sudden departure at a… Read More

Picture of employees working together on a training project.
The Importance of Cross Training Employees

The phrase “cross training” is popular in the world of exercise and physical fitness, but it can also apply to the overall health of your company. Too many business owners, managers and executives are content with putting all of their eggs in one basket – meaning they have a one-dimensional… Read More

Picture of employees in conflict.
How Prepared Are You for Internal Employee Conflicts?

In a perfect world, all of your employees would get along with each other, they would never have a dispute with management, and your workplace would run as peacefully as a church sermon. Unfortunately, when large groups of people interact with each other for 40 or more hours per week,… Read More

A group of workers giving each other high fives.
Tips for Improving Company Culture

Company culture refers to the values and actions that determine how a business’s employees interact with each other as well as with clients and customers. The principles that make up a company culture are rarely laid out in concrete terms. They are largely left unstated after forming through a mix… Read More

Picture of a person giving a thumbs down sign.
How to Properly Tell Candidates They Didn’t Get the Job

Telling someone that he or she was not chosen for the job is never an easy thing to do. It may be one of the most dreaded duties for HR professionals, recruiters and hiring managers. A candidate has come to your office dressed to the nines, put her best effort… Read More

A woman who is very happy.
How to Best Motivate Your Employees

One of the most common challenges managers and supervisors face is keeping their employees happy and motivated. Poll after poll has shown that many American workers are unhappy, unmotivated, unengaged or simply indifferent at their places of employment. This leads to diminished productivity, unsatisfied customers and eventually to a decline… Read More

A picture of a new hire being greeted at the job.
Want To Improve Employee Retention? Step 1: Improve Your Onboarding

It seems that employee retention has become an increasingly popular buzz phrase for employers around the U.S. With low levels of national unemployment and a select few superstar employees available for the taking, when employers identify a high performer within their organization, they should move heaven and Earth to keep… Read More

A professional putting his hands on his face in frustration following an HR mistake.
Common HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Human resources (HR) is a critical component of all businesses, regardless of their size. How a company interacts with its employees can either be a positive or a negative. In today’s economic environment, losing money and facing legal troubles are not ways to sustain or build a business. Sometimes, the… Read More

photo of employee's personal email on a mobile phone of businessman
Legal Ruling Restricts Employers from Accessing Employee’s Personal Email on Company Owned Devices

A federal court in Maryland ruled in favor of Melissa Edwards in Levin v. ImpactOffice LLC on Monday, August, 28. The ruling involved the employee’s claim that her employer violated the Stored Communications Act when it accessed her personal emails through her company-issued mobile phone. The ruling should make employers… Read More

An employee sleeping at her desk.
Has America’s Work Ethic Declined?

You read it in headlines; you hear it from news pundits, employers and star workers from generations past: Americans don’t work like they used to. But what does this mean and is it actually true? Is the change in work ethic generational or related to advancements in technology? How much… Read More

A picture of a CEO wearing a cape on the back of his business suit.
Lessons from CEOs Who Rescued Their Companies from Disaster

The phrase “if you build it, they will come” is a commonly used cultural refrain from the 1989 Kevin Costner film, “Field of Dreams.” While that might be true of baseball diamonds, it’s hardly true in business. Things often don’t go as planned, and the decisions that you as a… Read More

Picture of a woman holding up a smiley face in front of her head.
How to Boost Job Satisfaction

Other than success, there are a few features that every effective business possesses. Some of these are obvious: a workspace conducive to productivity, qualified employees with compatible work habits, sufficient demand for its products or services, etc. If just one of these characteristics is missing, the entire operation runs the… Read More

A picture of a person preparing to burn a $100 bill.
The Cost of Undervaluing Human Resources

Next to throwing your money into a fire pit, one of the easiest ways to sabotage your business is to neglect human resources (HR). But what’s a small business to do when it can’t afford an HR department? You outsource. By pooling with other people through an outside vendor, HR… Read More

A diverse group of millennial employees.
How to Inspire and Manage Millennial Employees

Did you know that more than one in three American workers is a millennial? In 2015, millennials (adults age 18 to 35 in 2017) surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce, bringing with them vastly different values, motivations and experiences. In light of their unique… Read More

The Best Way to Fire an Employee

One of the most unenviable duties of human resources professionals, hiring managers, supervisors, business owners and corporate officers is firing an employee, but at some point you will likely have to do it. Whether it’s because of a lack of performance or budgetary concerns, firing workers is a reality of… Read More

A group of workers who have been shown employee appreciation as shown by the trophy they are celebrating.
10 Inexpensive Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

There is a direct correlation between employee appreciation and productivity. Employees that feel that their work is appreciated will hold themselves to higher standards as they have already seen firsthand that success is recognized and rewarded. Conversely, employees who do not feel appreciated will question the benefits of their continued… Read More

Illustration of people protesting a company on social media for its association with politics
Uber’s Cautionary Tale: Don’t Align Your Business with Politics

There’s a reason why politics and religion are best left alone in professional settings: people feel passionately about them. No matter how popular a political figure is, you can bet your last dollar that there will be thousands, if not millions, of people who do not support him or her.… Read More

Photo of a manager speaking with his employee.
How to Improve Workplace Communication

One of the worst errors business owners make is failing to keep their employees informed about what’s going on with their company. Many owners may think that employees don’t need to know every detail and would like to run more of a cloak and dagger operation. Good leaders understand that… Read More

An employee at work being distracted by his phone.
Are Workplace Distractions Robbing Your Employees of Productivity?

In today’s world of one million and one different things all vying for our attention at once, people tend to miss out on what truly matters. With multiple 24-hour news cycles telling us what and how to think, technology doggedly seeking to supplant the vital aspects of our day-to-day functioning,… Read More

Picture of a smiling woman holding a cup of coffee at work.
Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work

It likely comes as no surprise that American workers are stressed out and plagued by anxiety. Long hours, increasing costs of living, the pressures of consumerism and the constant overlapping of work and life are just a few of the culprits. But while stress and anxiety at work are unavoidable… Read More

A picture of a pen laying on top of an employee review sheet
Have You Reviewed Your Employee Review Policies?

Is it Time to Look at Your Employee Review Policies? The dreaded performance review. Those words alone drum up fear in the minds of employees everywhere. This angst is understandable, as employee reviews are typically not given often enough, and worse, they’re usually conducted poorly. A well-executed review provides constructive… Read More

Data hacker enters computer through binary strings
Is Your Data Secure?

It seems that every day there’s a new story about some large company, celebrity or political candidate being hacked. Whether it’s uncovering salacious emails, revealing embarrassing photos, stealing financial data or exposing corporate secrets, today’s Internet criminals have become bolder and more skilled than ever before. If companies like Target, Walmart… Read More

pile of old obsolete technology
Have Technological Advances Left Your HR Department Behind?

When it comes to new HR technology in the workplace, many companies embrace it and fully immerse themselves, while several others resist the change. This was the case when computers replaced typewriters and CDs replaced floppy disks. It also continues to be the case today, as cloud-based systems, fiber optic… Read More

Happy Holidays from TPG HR Services USA

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Evaluate HR Needs Holiday season is a time to begin looking back fondly on the year that was and ahead to what’s to come. It’s a time to celebrate and cherish friends and family and give thanks for all that you have.… Read More

photo of keyboard with a button in blue labelled HR outsourcing
HR Outsourcing: 10 Signs That it’s Time

As a business owner, one of your main goals should always be to put your company in the best possible position to succeed. Accomplishing this often includes putting your employees in the best possible position to succeed as well. The effectiveness of your workers in completing their job duties is… Read More

illustration of a businessman yelling into a megaphone the words not at work
Work and Politics Do Not Mix

Unless you’ve been living under a rock buried near the core of the Earth, you know it’s election season, and it has been an especially contentious one in 2016. No matter where your allegiances lie – Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Republican, Democrat, etc. – the last thing you should ever… Read More

photo of a man typing on a keyboard at night
Hacking into HR

Oh No or Oh Yes – It’s a Hack When you first hear the word “hack,” you probably think of a group of nerds breaking into a computer system. Other than the fact that they both begin with an “h,” most people would not make a correlation between hacking and… Read More

photo of two people during a job interview with a warning label superimposed over the resume that is being reviewed
What is Resume Fraud and How Your Company Can Prevent It?

When employers and recruiters are searching for new talent to help grow their businesses, the résumé is often the only tool to show a candidate’s qualifications. In many cases, interviewers are initially forced to assume that applicants are accurately representing themselves on their résumés. But as we all know, you… Read More

illustration of a worker asking their boss for a raise
Employee Pay: Your Workers Are Expecting a Raise; Are You Prepared?

The Majority of U.S. Employees Feel Underpaid Employee pay has become somewhat of a hot-button topic in recent months and years, with employees increasingly demanding higher wages to match the cost of living. It appears that many employers who made budget cuts and froze salaries following the Great Recession have created a… Read More

photo of a very busy office environment
10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Payroll and Benefits

It’s no secret that two of the biggest expenses and headaches a business owner has to deal with are payroll and benefits administration. Local, state and federal tax agencies need to be paid accurately and on-time, as do your employees. This all requires time, effort and expertise which you and… Read More

illustration for workplace safety of workers each holding a letter sign over their heads when read together spell "safety first"
Workplace Safety: How Safe is Your Workplace Environment?

Are You Taking the Correct Precautions In Your Workplace? Workplace safety may not be a primary concern for many business owners and managers, but it certainly should be. The AFL-CIO published a 200-plus page report in 2015 painting a picture of a nation of employers and legislators who have neglected… Read More

It’s An Orwellian World That We All Live In

An errant post, a seemingly innocent tweet, or maybe it was a silly Snapchat photo that was captured. Cautionary tales are spread across the internet. Too often have qualified, yet digitally naïve individuals, either lost a job or a chance at landing one due to some social media faux pas.… Read More

An illustration of a large group of people.
How to Engage Millennial Talent

3 Ways to Attract the World’s Largest & Most Influential Workforce More than one-in-three American workers today are Millennials (adults ages 18 to 34 in 2015), and this year they surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the American workforce, according to new Pew Research Center analysis of… Read More

four hands coming out of a pile of paper
4 Reasons to Partner with an HR Services Provider

Outsourcing. Just the thought or mention of the word instills fear. Outsourcing. It carries with it an air of impending doom and a sense of cold, lifeless machinery. Outsourcing: the very definition of a dehumanized workplace. Wait. Hold on a moment. Let’s back up for just one second. Let’s take… Read More

new employee onboarding
Onboarding Is More Important Than You Think

After spending countless resources on recruiting, interviewing and hiring a new employee, one would think that managers would want to make a good first impression and make the first few days, weeks and months for a new hire as smooth as possible using an effective employee onboarding system. Strangely, onboarding… Read More

Pen and an employee survey
How Effective and Necessary are Employee Surveys?

Depending on the size of your business, your ability to implement change and the candidness of your workers,  employee surveys could be the key to improving employee engagement. Any company that cares about its employees will do what it can to understand what’s going on in the work place and… Read More

A picture of a manager mishandling employee discipline by yelling at a worker.
Best Employee Discipline Practices: Are You Using Them?

It’s the necessary evil that nearly every boss, manager, supervisor and HR professional dreads: having to discipline an employee for tardiness, lack of productivity or anything else. In an ideal world, no employee would ever do anything wrong or underperform; unfortunately, these things happen at all workplaces, making employee discipline… Read More

A picture of happy employees sitting at a large conference table.
Four Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

It’s just basic common sense that a happy employee will be more invested in their work and thus more productive. Employees who are unsatisfied or unfulfilled in their roles will not be motivated to put their best foot forward. A 2014 report by Conference Board, a nonprofit research group, showed… Read More

Business man watching clock
Save Time and Money by Monitoring Employee Hours

Payroll is one of the largest expenses for any business owner of any size; but there are ways to lower the cost. Using an automated system to track your employees’ attendance and work hours will reduce mistakes and cut down on the labor associated with manually calculating employee hours. Think… Read More

Payroll Spreadsheet
Do You Trust Your Third-Party Payroll Provider?

Staying compliant and accurate on your business’s employment tax withholding, tax return preparations, reporting and tax payment responsibilities is no easy task. There are so many laws and regulations to consider, and business owners often lack the time or expertise to effectively navigate tax liabilities and run their business operations.… Read More

Waiter holding towel
Food Service Struggles with Looming ACA Mandates

Restaurant owners are struggling to figure out ways to provide healthcare for their workers as the 2016 Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance deadline inches closer. The major issue at hand in the ACA law is that servers, bartenders and other food industry employees get paid so little in salary that… Read More

A stressed woman dealing with workplace anxiety.
Analyzing the Impact of the Workplace Anxiety Epidemic

Anxiety disorders are the most commonly diagnosed mental illnesses in America, affecting more than 40 million adults (nearly one in five) and costing more than $42 billion in health care annually. Stress from family life, finances and relationships often cause people to experience feelings of anxiety, but workplace anxiety may… Read More

Crossing out unemployment on chalkboard
National and State Unemployment Continue Downtrend

While national unemployment rates have dropped to their lowest level since May of 2008, there are still specific states and regions in the country that are still somewhat lagging behind the national trend. The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced that U.S. unemployment rates in February had fallen to 5.5% –… Read More

Happy employee at work
U.S. Employee Engagement Hits a Three-Year High

It appears that the rebounding job market has helped raise levels of employee engagement in America. released its most recent “employee engagement” survey in early March, finding 32.9 percent of U.S. employees were “engaged” in the workplace in February. It marked the highest level of engagement since January of… Read More

man stressed out with immense workload
Too Much to Handle: The Plight of Today’s HR Professionals

As the field of human resources continues to evolve, so do the job descriptions of HR professionals. What began as a largely recruitment and personnel-based industry has exploded into a complex amalgamation of responsibilities, including compliance assistance, payroll administration, employee relations management and an ever-growing list of other obligations. In… Read More

Business woman with her staff in background at office
How Can Your Small Business Compete For Big Talent?

A few recent studies have projected great news for both job hunters and recruiters. A LinkedIn survey found that 85 percent of the U.S. population is passively searching for a new job. A CareerBuilder survey showed that 36 percent of employers plan to expand their full time head count in… Read More

3 Reasons Your HR Team Might be Falling Behind

The HR services industry has grown to an estimated annual revenue of $165 billion because many small and medium business owners have realized they aren’t getting what they need from their in-house teams. Many human resources departments simply aren’t meeting the increasing needs of today’s employees and employers and there… Read More

Compass arrow pointing toward talent.
How to Be Proactive in Your Long-Term Staffing Needs

For most companies, hiring is a primarily reactionary function. Someone quits or gets fired and then the candidate search begins; maybe the HR department has two weeks, maybe they don’t. Faced with the need to fill a position quickly, the hiring process is often rushed, resulting in a potentially bad… Read More

Businesspeople In Modern Open Plan Office
How an HR Services Provider Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

There are so many things you need to do to help your business grow – the problem is there are only 24 hours in a day and you only have two hands and one brain. You need to focus on finding sources of revenue wherever you can, while still focusing… Read More

Motivation text with highlighter.
5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Perhaps you’ve noticed it in the way conversation dies down when you enter the room, the random and blank stares into space or all the doodling at weekly meetings – your employees are only at work in spirit. An ongoing poll shows that only 30 percent of American workers… Read More