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TPG HR Services USA is a national leader in full-service HR solutions for small, medium and large businesses. We help companies reach their organizational goals by providing comprehensive human resource services to manage payroll, benefits administration, employee relations and to oversee risk and compliance. We invite you to work smarter by partnering with TPG HR Services USA to coordinate all of your HR functions, supplement your current HR department or act as HR consultants.

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Everybody has to get paid, but the payroll process doesn’t manage itself. We work with companies of all sizes to manage their payroll and make sure their personnel are compensated without any issues.



Much time can be lost in the transition from applicant to employee. We can expedite the onboarding process and ensure that employees have completed all the right steps to be part of your team.




Ensuring staff satisfaction can be a 24/7 job by itself. We work with your employees on your behalf to promptly resolve their issues according to your internal policies.



Avoid penalties and unnecessary costs related to workers’ compensation. We will negotiate with providers on your behalf and communicate with employees throughout their claims.



Quickly resolve unemployment matters while identifying and addressing fraudulent claims. We’ll work with employees and agencies to ensure a timely, fair and cost-effective resolution.



Save money on benefits-related costs. We are ready to help you find quality employee-benefit plans and seamlessly manage day-to-day administration of all benefits issues.



By now you’ve learned that quality employees are the lifeblood of any business. Let us help you recruit the most promising and qualified professionals in your industry.



Keep your staff in the loop about important events and company developments. Our employee communications services help you stay connected with your team.



Let us help you navigate the ever-growing maze of HR regulations to ensure your continued compliance with new and existing laws, while keeping you protected from undue penalties.


Don’t take our word for it.

TPG HR Services is like no one else in the industry. We were using a different very large HR services company prior to TPG, and we felt like they sold us a bill of goods. I can remember before we signed with the previous HR services vendor they would send their sales rep out to see us constantly, but as soon as they made the sale we almost never saw them again. With TPG it is the exact opposite, they are truly are part of our team, and our staff considers them to be an invaluable resource that we work with every day of the year.

My sincere thanks to you and your team. You pulled off what we thought was impossible for our company!

Your team has made our transition a resounding success. We look forward to a long-lasting partnership with TPG HR Services!

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